Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Results from the Abhaya BJJ Championship

The results are in for the Abhaya Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship, held on Oct 11, 2008 (NS, Canada):

Beginner Lightweight
1st Mooky Khalil (Fitplus)
2nd John Barr (Fitplus)
3rd Christopher Howse (Marmac Athletics)

Beginner Middleweight
1st Steven Jellicoe (Fitplus)
2nd Chuck Mitchell (BTT)
3rd Ryan Connor (Fitplus)

Beginner Heavyweight
1st Mark MacDonald (Titans)
2nd Shanam Bean (Infinity Fighting Systems)
3rd Rob Wainwright (Functional MMA)

Beginner Super-Heavyweight
1st Matthew McKeen (Truro Gracie Barra)

Intermediate Lightweight
1st Josh Presley (Titans)
2nd Tanner Abbott (Truro Gracie Barra)
3rd Mark Brace (Titans)

Intermediate Middleweight
1st Steven Grant (Fitplus)
2nd Daniel Vanderlans (Truro Gracie Barra)
3rd Denny O'Brien (Abhaya)

Intermediate Heavyweight
1st Nathan Smith (Titans)
2nd Jon McWaid (Abhaya)
3rd Scott Nauss (Marmac Athletics)

Advanced Lightweight
1st Josh Wincey (Titans)
2nd Joe Dugas (Titans)
3rd Oden Robicheau (Titans)

Advanced Middleweight
1st Josh Albright (Bushido-Kai)
2nd Demetry Furman (Positive Impact)
3rd Scott Rose (Titans)

Advanced Heavyweight
1st Mike Kitson (Titans)
2nd Jason Stuart (Abhaya)
3rd Craig Ferguson (Fitplus)

Absolute Division:
Josh Presley and Mike Kitson closed out the division (both from Titans)

More information: http://www.abhayaapparel.com/news.html

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