Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BJJ Techniques: Sweep from the half guard

Some good techniques to sweep your opponent from the half guard.

  1. Half Guard Lapel Sweep:

  2. Half Guard Under sweep:

  3. Jeff Monson - Half guard sweep (going under):

  4. JJ Machado - No-Gi Half Guard Sweep:

  5. Half (Quarter) Guard Turnover:

  6. Half Guard Under Sweep (holding leg):

  7. Half Guard Under Sweep (holding leg 2):

  8. Half Guard Sweep:

  9. Additional variations:
    Half Guard Driving Sweep
    Half Guard Rolling Sweep
    Half Guard "Shoulder of Justice" Counter Counter
    Half Guard Cross Body Counter Counter
    Half Guard Leg Position Drill
    Half-guard sweep
    Marcelo's half guard sweep

Friday, November 9, 2007

Functional Half Guard

This video (more than 1h long) covers most aspects of the half guard (very detailed).

*by Aliveness Gym Estonia